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Welcome to Bow Kite Design! ......We're your in-house/off-site Marketing Agency. We Work with small business With our expertise, we can do what hasn’t been done before for your brand.

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Everything is better in threes

Branding    |   Marketing   |   Web Design

As professional creatives, we will make your brand stand out. Our dedicated portfolio of clients highlights Bow Kite Design’s passion for success.


 Our team of creatives is ready to put their skills to work. Through our services of branding, marketing and web design we are able to craft the prefect plan for your business.



As a business you want to stand out. With clean and strategic branding your company will be remembered, and for all the right reasons!


You take pride in your work, and it is our job to share and grow your business. Our marketing services include website design, messaging and social media to expand your client base..

Web design

First impressions matter. Our team will create a beautiful and clean website that is desktop and mobile friendly for your company. We will help you grow your business by looking your best.


You take pride in your work and so do we.

We are a team of creative professionals dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind and branding marketingbranding for our clients. With your partnership, we will be able to help your business by expanding your brand and meeting your marketing needs. 


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Bow Kite Design is dedicated to making your business look great and successful. With us by your side, your business will have a sleek and modern look and a growth in clients. 

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